Suicide Twist Festival – 25-28 May 2006 – Why should not go?

Suicide Twist Festival :

The Festival will be composed by different elements from day by day :

7 concerts
11 international deejaysPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Artistic Performances (Mademoiselle Jean)
2 Burlesques Shows
10 Go-Go dancers
Market with Records and cds sales (mini cds and vinyl fair)
Market with Vintage & New Clothing sales
3 Artists exhibitions,from Spain and Belgium
16mm Movie Projections
Mega Trash Pop Deco
Videos Screenings during the whole festival
Visit of THE PLASTICARIUM Museum of Plastic Designs 60s 70s:
6ts Ro


Wax Club :
66,Boulevard Anspach/Anspach Laan,66
Recyclart :
25,Rue des Ursuline/Ursulinesstraat,25

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