Shiva va bien?

K. Ramanujan, Speaking of Śiva

Crepegeorgette shiva


Vacana #144 by Basavanna (1106-1167)


The crookedness of the serpent

is straight enough for the snake-hole.

The crookedness of the river

is straight enough for the sea.

And the crookedness of our Lord’s men

is straight enough for our Lord!


Vacana #199 by Mahādēviyakka (11th century A.D.)


For hunger,

  there is the town’s rice in the begging bowl.

For thirst,

  there are tanks, streams, wells.

For sleep,

  there are the ruins of temples.

For soul’s company

  I have you, O lord

white as jasmine.


Vacana #459 by Allama Prabhu (11th century A.D.)


The world tires itself thinking

it has buried all shadow.

Can shadows die

for limbed animals?

If you rage and curse here

at the thief out there

on the other shore,

will he just drop dead?

These men, they do not know

the secret,

the stitches of feeling;

would our Lord of Caves

come alive

just because they wish it?

(thanks Vic.)