Compagnie Derevo: DIA GNOSE

I searched outside of myself for many years.
I forgot what I was looking for and have become cross-eyed. Neither the daily prayer in front of a mirror, nor the Christ’s costume could help.
I searched inside of me.
I found a church with a nipple instead of a cupola, a distillery to make the fake whisky, a mummy of the albanian prostitute and quite a big pile of other stuff, which could be traded against a pair of the orthodox old believer slaves.
And a clean round backyard has been found, where the two – neither mother, nor daughter, for their faces are hidden – were laying out tomatoes and nuts in the sand, building a universe.
And the yard was full of different Selves, who I’m letting walk in this world and more often in a theatre.
And I’m wearing a white nurse kerchief for such a day, with a lip-stick-drawn red cross… and I also drag a graceful Maxim gun behing me.
I’m dreaming of a barkeeper job at Pluto.

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