Badebec est une putin, tant mieux, ça fait longtemps qu’elle calls for protection.

down with the king, so she said, in silent, behind doors.

open the window, he replied.

she said, no windows, I see walls and they’re fucking comfortable.

he said back to her face that she is so stupid.

she whispered, I know, darling, I know, I can’t help it, I’m just a whore.

and so he slapped her, like she liked.

then she turned back to him and kindly said: I’m sorry babe, I didn’t know I slept so long.

 Sleeping is good, she thought, sleeping is good, but I’d rather dream.

and so, she fell in a dream that had no beginning, nor ending, only one spot in space and time where she could finally rest, endlessly… like in a dead mountain or the original seas.