Primo Levi « Elephant »
Translated from the Italian by Martin Bennett

   « Absurd it was that my bastion of flesh
   Should be forced across these hostile mountains,
   Absurd that, invulnerable and mild and terrified,
   I should slither on your ice, a substance
   Beyond our farthest nightmare. For us,
   Once we fall, there’s no getting up.
   One myopic hothead tried locating my heart,
   The point of his lance turned probe.
   Among these peaks flaming in the sunset
   I uselessly trumpeted my epitaph: « Absurd, absurd. »

el radio by chri garneaudu coup, je me tape ici un coup de Chris Garneau, genre The Leaving Song, pour me rappeler à moi, moi, moi, moi, et du oi qui en vaut les peines, hein.