Could I be that much psychotic? or just a drama gouine?

« …the intermediating system of broadcast-media-democracy is strongly biased to favor a presumption of rational agency. (…)

But this seems an awfully careless presumption. It’s a fair (and balanced) estimate that a certain number of the crowned heads, potentates, poobahs, queens, commanders, czars, gerents, khans, maharajahs, monarchs, overlords, overseers, presidents, generals, tycoons, CEOs, pashas, mikados, sovereigns, chairmen of the board, bishops, lieges, tycoons, sultans, swaggerers, tyrants, dynasts, presidents, moguls, shahs, satraps, martinets, caliphs, counts, barons, Big Shots, sachems, Gippers, rajahs, boss men, kingpins, magnates and empresses of history were, if not full-throttle psychotic, then garden-variety batshit lunatics. »

Tom Matrullo

Badebec s'efface